The EVENT-crew is a big team consisting out of people who have varying responsibilities. Approximately 170 EVENT-crewers make sure that everything runs smoothly according to plan. As such, the EVENT-crew is an indispensable addition to the KEI week. As a CREW-member you make sure the KEI-week is as fantastic as it can be!


The tasks of the EVENT-crew contain:

  • Registering KEI-lopers
  • Answering any question a first year-student may have
  • Setting-up and dismantling of events
  • Assisting backstage
  • Selling tickets and tokens
  • Helping make events the best they can be
  • Giving out lunch, bags and gadgets
  • …and much more!

As EVENT-crew you have many advantages:

  • You are closely involved with the organisation of the biggest introduction in the Netherlands
  • Get to know new people
  • A special CREW-day is organised for you, in order for you to get to know each other.
  • You get free food and drinks during the KEI-week
  • You have free access to all the KEI-events
  • You have flexible working hours
  • You get KEI-clothing
  • You are invited to the reunion party
  • There is a possibility for you grow and gain access to other positions within the KEI-week

The EVENT-crew is active from the Saturday before the KEI-week (14 August 2020). This Saturday will be about getting to know each other and team building activities. Prior to the KEI-week the EVENT-crew will be divided into groups, so that during the week you can collaborate with the same people as much as possible and thus get to know them. For this you can indicate that you want to be placed with group with friends who have also signed up. Together with this crew you will also enjoy all the events in the KEI-week. When your group is not scheduled to help, you can also go to performances, take part in the pub crawl and experience a fantastic week with the other students of the organization!

During the KEI-week you don’t have to be active the whole week, however we’d be really happy if you would like to help us on several days during the KEI-week.


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