Every year, Stichting KEI works together with many (local) companies to make the KEI-week possible. The companies located in Groningen are a large part of the city. It is therefore important that companies are visible to students and that students get to know these companies.

By entering into a partnership with Stichting KEI, an organization experiences various advantages. For example, the target group of the KEI-week is extremely niche, therefore a company that collaborates with Stichting KEI is sure to reach at least 5.500 first-year students. In addition, the KEI-week is made possible by approximately 1.200 senior students and a number of events are open to Stadjers and senior students. The KEI-week thus lends itself well to reaching a wide number of people.

There are many possibilities in a collaboration with Stichting KEI. This varies from a booth at the various events to participating in an episode of KEI-TV or an advertisement on the screens during The Grand Opening. In addition, Stichting KEI is always open to new ideas!

Would you like to become a partner of Stichting KEI or would you like information about a possible partnership? Please contact our Director of Commercial Relations.

Hester van der Veen
+31 (0) 6 106 417 76