The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all prospective first-year and transfer students from Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, University of Groningen, Academy of Obstetrics Groningen and Stenden University of Applied Sciences. This week is the perfect opportunity to get to know the city and all its possibilities and discover all aspects of the rich student life. You as a first-year student, the KEI-participant, are of course the center of the KEI-week. During the KEI-week, everything is about getting to know your fellow students and your new study city in all its glory. After all, nothing beats Groningen!

The KEI-week will take place in 2024 from Monday 12 to Friday 16 August. The KEI-week is a fantastic week in which you get acquainted with all facets of the student life. It is therefore the start of your student life in Groningen where there is something for everyone! After the KEI-week you will be completely familiar with Groningen. Do you want to be the first to know what the KEI-week of 2024 will look like? Then follow us on social media and sign up for the newsletter!


Can I receive a refund if I have paid but choose not to attend the KEI-week?

It is not possible to claim a refund for any previously paid for ‘articles’ such as a ticket for the KEI-week. We advise you to wait with your registration until you are accepted at the university/school. We don’t have a maximum of participants for the KEI-week, so you can always sign up online for the KEI-week until the 14th of August.

Can the KEI-week be seen as an initiation?

No, not at all! You should see the KEI-week primarily as something that is just fun to do. It is a week full of information. Signing up for the KEI-week does not mean you are obligated to participate in the online events. You are free to join the events you like.

Can you join the same KEI-group as a friend?

Yes, it is possible to join a KEI-group with one friend. Mention this in the registration form and you will be placed in the same KEI-group. We can only match you if you give the right e-mail adres. You can only join a KEI-group with one friend. It is not possible to join with three or more people.