Every year hundreds of volunteers work together to make the KEI-week possible. During the year you can become active in one of the fourteen crews (committees) that all contribute in their own way to the organisation of the KEI-week. Would you also like to become active before and/or during the KEI-week? Please contact and hopefully we will see each other soon!


The BULK is responsible for many different logistical tasks and takes care of all the materials for the KEI-week. This ...

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Our TAP-crew is responsible for the bars at the events throughout the week (with the exception of More to Explore). ...

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As the KEI Week starts, the PAND-crew becomes active to provide everybody with the right information. The PAND-crew is the ...

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The MEDIA-crew helps the Director of Recruitment & Promotion with the designs of the KEI-week. At the beginning of the ...

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The ACQUISITION-team supports the Director of Acquisition in finding cool collaborations for Stichting KEI. A very cool way to be ...

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International Advisor

The International Advisors are responsible for the internationalization of the KEI-week. They contribute ideas about the program of the KEI-week, ...

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The VIDEO-crew films and edits videos leading up to and during the KEI-week. The crew is free in creating content ...

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The PHOTO-crew is always present when photos need to be taken. For example, the PHOTO-crew is always present during the ...

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With almost two hundred members, the EVENT-crew is the largest crew of Stichting KEI. This crew is active during the ...

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Are you a real night owl? Then the NIGHT-crew is something for you! As the KEI-participants prepare for an exciting ...

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Have you seen all those beautiful decorations at the events during the KEI-week? You have just seen the work of ...

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At a major event such as the KEI-week, sustainability is an important theme. The GREEN-team is responsible for making students ...

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The PROMO-team is responsible for the promotion of the KEI-week! All year long, the PROMO-team is present during the open ...

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Can the KEI-week be seen as an initiation?

No, not at all! You should see the KEI-week primarily as something that is just fun to do. It is a week full of information. Signing up for the KEI-week does not mean you are obligated to participate in the online events. You are free to join the events you like.