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Every year, thousands of students are eager to start their student days and this year, you will be one of them! To start your student life well and to get to know and discover your new student city, the KEI week comes to the rescue. In 2024, this fantastic week begins on Monday, August 12, and lasts until August 16. Together with 12 to 15 other first-year students, you will explore Groningen in a group led by a number of experienced older students (KEI-leaders).


Monday 12 Aug

Registration 10:00 - 17:00 Broerplein

After having registered for the KEI-week of 2024 online, you have to confirm your participation during the Registration on Monday the 12th of August. Even if you haven’t registered online yet, you can still get a wristband for the KEI-week here! You will also receive the KEI-bag full of useful information and fun goodies: now the KEI-week can really start! 

Information Market 10:00-17:00 Grote Markt, Vismarkt

At the Information Market, you get the chance to meet almost all (student) organizations that the student city of Groningen has to offer. There are sports, social and study associations, but also political organizations and companies. There’s something for everyone!


International Welcome 12:00-16:00 Academy Building

The International Welcome is the welcome moment for all international KEI-participants. Here you will receive an introduction to the Netherlands, Groningen and of course the KEI-week.

Sit & See 11:00-16:00 Rode Weeshuisstraat

Three beautiful convertible buses drive through the city to show you the most beautiful places in Groningen. During this sightseeing, our enthusiastic senior students will guide you and tell you all the ins and outs of the city.

City walk 13:00-17:00 Broerplein

Discover vibrant Groningen with the GroningenLife city walk! Walk past the impressive Martini Tower and through the coziness of the city center. Our walk shows the highlights of Groningen, with historic buildings, fun bars and trendy spots. Forget boring history lessons; here it’s all about the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

Meet your KEI-leaders 17:00-20:00

This is the first time you get to meet your KEI-group and your KEI-leaders. Join them for a memorable dinner, after which you all go to The Grand Opening, to start the week off right!

The Grand Opening 20:00-01:00 Grote Markt

During The Grand Opening, the KEI-week will be kicked off in a spectacular way with a big party! Performances will take place on a big stage and you will be welcomed by well-known Groningen residents and the Executive Board of Stichting KEI that organizes this week. From this moment on, the KEI-week is on!

Tuesday 13 Aug

Eat & Greet 12:00-14:00 Throughout the whole city

The Eat & Greet is the time to visit one of the many associations in Groningen’s student life and grab a bite to eat. All associations open their doors; from student associations to cultural organizations and from politics to sports. After the lunch you can stick around for a tour!

Time to Talk: Better Together 14:00-17:00 Martinikerk, Forum Groningen and the Nieuwe Markt

At this event, the main theme is “community feeling”, and you receive all kinds of tips to start your student life. By watching and listening different talk shows and guest speakers discuss various aspects of student life, this event will prepare you as best as possible for your student days. You can chill and talk about the event at the KEI-mibo later! 

The full program will be announced soon!


KEI-Parade 20:00-21:30 Route through the city centre

At the KEI-parade, the city streets are turned upside down! During this parade, the student associations and organizations march through the city center and you can join their festivities. Come and have a look, because you don’t want to miss this!

Route to be announced soon!

Night of the Songs 21:00-01:00 Vismarkt

The Night of the Songs is the biggest karaoke event in Europe! Together with about eight thousand other students and citizens of Groningen, you can sing along with all well-known hits.

Wednesday 14 Aug

Sportplaza 13:00-18:00 ACLO sportcentrum

During this event you can get acquainted with all student sports associations Groningen has to offer. Moreover, you get to try out many different sports! You can also take a look at House of Sport Groningen, who provide information about sporting with a disability and have an exercise coach for inclusive exercise. You can also join a game of wheelchair tennis! Get ready to show your sporty side and visit the ACLO sports center.


More to Explore 16:00-19:00 Forum Groningen

During this event you will get to know all the cultural associations of Groningen. With interactive workshops and other activities you can see which association suits you best. There will be all kinds of different activities, from painting to singing, and many more. In addition, you can enjoy performances from various comedians, fantastic bands, choirs and much more!

Pub Crawl 22:00 - 04:00 City centre

Groningen wouldn’t be Groningen without all the pubs in the Poelestraat and the Peperstraat, among others. You can dance the night away here, since the Groningen nightlife has no closing time. During the Pub Crawl you and your KEI-group will be given a route which you have to follow to collect stamps. When you finish the Pub Crawl and have collected all the stamps, you will receive a fun  gift! Get your route at the Grote Markt!

Thursday 15 Aug

Open Air Festival; Throwback Thursday 14:00-20:00 Suikerterrein

Come and relax on the fourth day of the KEI-week! A wide range of artists and acts will be featured at this festival and the sustainable character of KEI-week will be highlighted. Enjoy the weather, participate in one of the many activities organized by student associations, or dance.


Film at the Vismarkt 22:00 - 01:00 Vismarkt

Need to recover from the KEI-week so far? You can relax and enjoy an amazing movie at the open-air cinema on the Vismarkt! A huge cinema screen will be situated on the Vismarkt, for a great movie to be played on! This way you can relax with your KEI-group while enjoying popcorn and drinks.

Movie: To be announced
Start time: 22:15 (There is a break in the middle of the movie)

Let’s KEI-Together 22:00 - 04:00 Throughout the city

Do you want to join a student/social association, but you are not sure which one? Then “Let’s KEI-Together is the event for you! Always wanted to take a look at a big association, or do you want to see what it’s like at a smaller association? Visit one (or more) of the associations that the student city of Groningen has to offer!

The full program will be announced soon!


Friday 16 Aug

Love, Lust & Lounge 14:00-17:00 Pathé Groningen

The last event that takes place during the day is all about sex, alcohol and drugs. By means of interactive lectures and activities, you’ll become aware of the new temptations that will come your way during your student days. You can relax and enjoy all of this from the comfort of your cinema seat!


The Final Party 21:00-04:00 Suikerterrein

Buckle up for an epic finale to the KEI-week at the Final Party! With different areas, there is something for everyone!
See all sorts of artists and dance your heart!

Have a final toast to this amazing week together with your KEI-group and all the other new people you have met.

Afterparty 03:00-06:00 PALACE

For the real die-hards, it is possible to continue partying after the Final Party during the Afterparty in nightclub PALACE! Will we see you there?