Charity KEI-week 2018

Each year Stichting KEI chooses a charity organization which we collect money for during the KEI-week. In 2018, we will be collecting money for the charity Ronald McDonald House in Groningen. This will be a cooperation with Stichting FC Groningen.


Ronald McDonald House Groningen

Having a home away from home

It has a big impact when a child needs to go the hospital. Not only for the child itself but also for its parents, brothers and sisters. Especially when the hospital is far away from home and parents need hours of travelling before accompanying their sick child.

Indispensable place

In the Beatrix Children’s Hospital of the University Medical Center Groningen, children with severe diseases are being treated. Severe diseases like heart failures, lung diseases and cancer are treated at the hospital in Groningen. But also children who need lung or liver transplants. These children and their families are living in the Netherlands but also outside of the Netherlands. Because of the Ronald McDonald House Groningen, parents, brothers and sisters are able to stay close to their sick child, brother or sister. It is a place where they feel at home while being away from home.

A house to feel home

In the Ronald McDonald House, there is room for 24 families to sleep. The establishment has a warm feeling and has complete services and possibilities. Each family has an own bedroom and bathroom. It is possible to make use of the laundry machines. In the living room there is enough light for a good atmosphere and many toys to play with. The kitchens are provided with lots of equipment that make it possible to cook food for yourself or share it with others.

Sharing concerns

The Ronald McDonald House Groningen does not only take care of the housing problem. Because of the multiple families in a house, families are able to share concerns and thoughts during the hard time their child is sick.


The organization of the Ronald McDonald House consists of a manager and two assistant managers. However, approximately 70 volunteers do the biggest part of all the work. They take care of the guests at arrival, household chores and a shoulder to lean on. The volunteers make sure that 24/7 someone is present in the house, so there will be always someone available to take care of the guests. They literally always take care of the guests, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The occupancy rate of the Ronald McDonald House is over 90% for years. It is expected that the demand will only get bigger the upcoming years. Therefore, the house will expand from 24 rooms to 28 rooms. Preparations for these expansions are done and the construction of the rooms have been started. For further expansion we can really use your help.


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Frequently asked questions for KEI-lopers

Who can sign up for the KEI-week?

The KEI-week is organized for all first year students of the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Obstetric Academy Amsterdam Groningen, Stenden University of Applied Sciences and HBO-NL. Pre-Master and Master students are also more than welcome!

Can I receive a refund if I have paid but choose not to attend the KEI-week or KEI-hostel/Sleep-in?

It’s not possible to claim a refund for any previously paid for ‘articles’ such as a ticket for the KEI-week or a place to sleep during the KEI-week (KEI-hostel, Sleep in). We advise you to wait with your registration until you are accepted at the university/school. We don’t have a maximum of participants for the KEI-week, so you can always sign up online for the KEI-week until the 9th of August. However, we don’t have an unlimited amount of places to sleep, so we can’t guarantee a place to sleep if you wait too long.

What is the deadline for registration?

Online registration is possible until Friday the 9th of August. During the KEI-week you can also sign up on Monday during the Day Registration. If you are not able to sign up before Monday evening, you can sign up at the KEI-office located at Pelsterstraat 23, during the rest of the week.

Can you join the same KEI-group as a friend?

Yes, it is possible to sign up with a friend for the KEI-week. Mention this in the registration form and you will be placed in the same KEI-group.

When is the KEI-office open in the KEI-week?

During the KEI-week the KEI-office (Pelsterstraat 23, near the Vismarkt) is open at the following times:

Monday:             09.00h-19.00h
Tuesday:             09.00h-18.00h
Wednesday:       10.00h-18.00h
Thursday:           10.00h-18.00h
Friday:                10.00h-18.00h

You can go there if you have any questions or if you want to buy a ticket after the Registration Day.

Is there a possibility for accomodation if you do not have a room yet?

If you have not found a room yet, it is very easy to stay in Groningen during the KEI-week. The KEI organisation offers varied sleeping facilities for which you can register. Make sure to book a place for the he KEI-camping, Usva Sleep-In for the KEI-hostel. In addition to the sleeping facilities of the KEI organisation, there is also the possibility to stay in a student house. Lots of current students in Groningen open their houses as a place to stay for a small price. It is also possible to book an accommodation at the Bud Gett Hostel or The Student Hostel with a discount code.

The costs for the sleeping facilities differ a lot. Look for more information about the sleeping facilities under the heading KEI-week > Sleeping.