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Finding a room in/after the KEI-week!

All ins en outs about finding a room in Groningen.

Your student days are just around the corner! But it may close another door, namely that of your parental home. Many people see the start of their student days as a good time to live on their own. But how exactly do you go about finding a room? Don’t worry, there are different ways to get a room! If you start on time, you can be sure that you have managed to get your own palace by the end of the summer!

If you want to read more about finding a room in Groningen, read the following article on! It will give you more insight in what it means to find a room in Groningen.


One of the search methods is to search for a room via On this site you can create a paid (temporary) account, which makes it possible to respond to advertisements for rooms and receive messages back. On Kamernet you can set the neighborhood in which you want to look for a room, what your budget is, how big your room should be, how many roommates you want to live with, et cetera.


When you search for ‘room Groningen’ on Facebook you will find many pages on rooms offered. You can place a comment under the advertisements of the person who provides the room and send a personal message. You can also place a call yourself with what kind of room you are looking for in Groningen. Facebook has a huge reach in Groningen, so it’s definitely worth a try!

Friends and family

Looking for a room through your own circle of acquaintances often works better than you think! Inform everyone in your area of ​​the fact that you are looking for a room in Groningen, via via that often pays off! For example, ask if people want to tag you in ads when they see a offered room on Facebook.

Information market in the KEI-week!

An information market will take place at the Vismarkt on Monday 14th of August. In addition to many student organizations, brokers and other agencies, who can help you find a room, also present themselves here. Feel free to drop by for more information and help finding a room in Groningen!

Responding to rooms

Whether you respond to a room via Kamernet, via a private message on Facebook or by email, there are a few golden tips that always help! Just before the start of the academic year, many new students are looking for a room. So chances are you’re not the only one responding to a room, and it helps to send a striking message. If your reaction stands out, there is a good chance that you will be invited to come and stay in hospital!


Once you have been invited to a nice house, it is time for ‘hospiteren’. Hospiteren is, as it were, ‘applying’ for a room. Some people dread this, but it is absolutely not necessary. See it as something fun: just spend a nice evening at the house of your preference and you will see for yourself whether you like the people that already live there. At some houses everyone is invited at once, at other houses everyone comes one by one. Whatever it is, just be yourself and try to learn a lot about the people who already live there. It helps to remember that hospiteren is not a one-way street; the residents are looking for a nice new roommate, but you are just as much looking for a house that suits you!

Found a room!

Yeah, you did it: you found your room in Groningen! This is where the fun starts 😉 You get to be truly independent now! But have you thought about fire safety? Or what you should do if you’re hacked? Those probably aren’t things you’ve spent time thinking about at the start of your Groningen journey. Luckily, you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. At you can find great tips for a safe student time in Groningen.