Sustainability is one of the most important buzzwords to emerge over the last decades, but what does it actually mean? Living sustainably relates to the environment, our ecology, thinking about the future and our own lifestyles.

The KEI Foundation is aiming to organise the KEI-week as sustainable as possible. Besides the event, we also try to be sustainable in the preparation. For example, we try to print as little paper as possible at our office.

A couple of more examples:

  • Promoting cycling as the most sustainable mode of transport.
  • The beer on offer during the KEI-week is Grolsch, one of the most sustainably brewed beers on earth.
  • Soft drinks are served by Vrumona, who also pays attention to sustainability.
  • The cars used by the treasurers and executive board during the KEI-week will be hybrid.
  • All t-shirts for KEI-crew and KEI-lopers are printed by P&P. This company is famed for its sustainability.
  • The picnic packets for the Open Air Festical contain as many organic products as possible.
  • This year the KEI-week introduces Meatless Monday. We try to motivate everyone who participates or contributes during the KEI-week to eat vegetarian.

However, Monday is not the only day related to sustainability! During the week, there will be various events, such as ‘sustainable Thursday’ and the Green Corner at Open Air Festival. There will be workshops on sustainability for students, to show you that living sustainably is a lot easier than you’d think.


  • UMEF certification for sustainable events (2014)
  • Green Key certification, level Gold (2017, 2018, 2019)


  • Public price for most sustainable introduction stunt 2015
  • Most Effective Sustainable Introduction stunt 2014


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Frequently asked questions for KEI-lopers

Is there a possibility for accomodation if you do not have a room yet?

This year the KEI foundation does not offer accommodation. If you want to stay in Groningen during the KEI-week, arranging an accommodation is your own responsibility. 

What does the KEI-week have to offer?

During the KEI-week you get to know all the different aspects of Groningen. The KEI-week provides general information about renting a room student grants. You can also get in touch with sports organizations, student societies and other sorts of associations. Besides all this, there will be a lot of online activities this year.

Can the KEI-week be seen as an initiation?

No, not at all! You should see the KEI-week primarily as something that is just fun to do. It is a week full of information. Signing up for the KEI-week does not mean you are obligated to participate in the online events. You are free to join the events you like.

I am arriving in Groningen on Wednesday, can I still participate?

The online registrations will be open until the 14th of August, so it is also possible to register during the KEI-week and gain access to the online platform.

Do I have to be in Groningen during the KEI-week?

The KEI-week will mostly take place online this year. Therefore it is definitely possible to join the KEI-week from home. During the KEI-week you can meet some new friends online and you get to know Groningen. Besides the online activities there might be some physical activities in Groningen depending on the measures due to the coronavirus.

Is it possible for me to change KEI-groups during the KEI-week?

Yes it is. If you want to change your KEI-group for any reason you can contact the OFFICE-crew. To do so, you can call them (050 363 80 90), email them ( or contact them via Whatsapp (+31 6 4422 6680).

If you have found another group which you think is more fun or suits you better? Thats also possible, you’ll will have to contact the OFFICE-crew about your replacement. This is important because we need to know which group you’re a part of in case of an emergency.