Event Managers

The Event Managers help the KEI-board with the organization of the KEI-week. From the start of their appointment in March, the eight Event Managers are busy reading up on their role and the organization behind KEI. Many social activities are also planned in this month and there is a weekend away to get to know each other and the Executive Board better. From June onwards, the Event Managers are busy organizing the KEI-week three half-days a week. This could include looking for speakers, making a program booklet and organizing an event site.

From July onwards, the busiest time of the Event Managers will start. They will then also be in the office full-time until the KEI-week. The Event Managers will have their own office in which they can work together with the Executive Board on the largest introduction week in Europe! When Groningen has been quiet for weeks, the eight Event Managers and the Executive Board are at the peak of their tasks. During the KEI-week, the Event Managers have about 4 events for which they are responsible and they also manage the EVENT-crew. These are the volunteers who help before, during and after an event. In short: the Event Managers are indispensable to the organization of the KEI-week!