Treasure Committee

The Executive Board (Exec) and the Senior Executive Board are supported by the Treasure Committee (TresCo) with regard to financial questions. The TresCo is run by experts on finance and the KEI organization. The TresCo is in charge of keeping the books for the KEI organization. In addition, they also support the Treasurer of the Excecutive Board in his various tasks during the KEI-week.

The following persons are current members of the Treasure Committee:

Jordi van Holten TresCo President & Exec Treasurer 2017
Sander van Ginkel Exec Treasurer 2016
Wessel Goinga Exec Treasurer 2015
Cécile van der Maarel Senior Executive Board Member
Leo Wenneger External Member RUG
Martijn van Boven Executive Board Member 2016
Wido Heeman External Member
Marciano Bootsman Senior Executive Board Member
Tijs Schnaar Extern Member
Michelle Koning Extern Member


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