Every year, there are thousands of students that are starting their student time here in Groningen. To jump start your student life, even if it is only for a semester, you can sign up for the KEI-week! During the KEI-week, you can get to know our beautiful city and everything it has to offer you. The KEI-week hosts a total of 19 events, ranging from cultural events to parties lasting until the next morning. This week will take place from Monday the 12th until Friday the 16th of August. After signing up, you will be placed in a group with fellow new students (KEI-lopers). During this week you will be guided by several experienced students, who will show the ins and outs of our city.

Look down here for the program:

Monday - 12 Aug

Information Market

At the Information Market you can find more than a hundred different representatives from Groningen and its student life to help you get on your way. The police are around…

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On Monday the 12th of August the KEI-week will start with the Registration. In the Academy Building you need to complete your registration. There you will receive the first important things…

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Sit and See

Close to the Information Market is the hop on hop off sightseeing bus. This open-topped double-decker bus, chauffeured by some witty student tour guides. They will show you the sights…

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Welcome! This event is all about new international students who are going to study in Groningen. You will be welcomed to your new city by volunteers of the KEI-week. They will give…

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Dinner with your KEI-leaders

Before going to The Grand Opening, it is time to meet your fellow group members! You will meet them at the home of one of your KEI-leaders where you will…

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The Grand Opening

The last event on Monday is The Grand Opening on the Grote Markt. This is the moment where the KEI-week will be officially opened in a spectacular manner and the…

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Tuesday - 13 Aug


On Tuesday the 13th of August the day starts with the KEI-picnic. While listening to some music in the background, you can enjoy a restful start to your day with a…

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KEI to your Future

Want to be prepared to get the most out of your time as a student? Do you want to combine your studies with work and other interests? Head to KEI to…

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Are you curious about all of the different student associations that are present in Groningen? After an afternoon full of activities you can go to the city centre for the…

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Night of the Songs

Tuesday night hosts one of the most entertaining events of the KEI week. Students and locals come together to sing their hearts out to their favorite tunes. Old classics, new…

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Wednesday - 14 Aug


After two amazing days of partying, it’s time to get your sport on. Sportplaza is the ideal event to find the sport association you are going to join in Groningen.…

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More to Explore

After being active all day you can continue to More to Explore. During this event you can do, hear and see a lot of interesting workshops such as DJ workshops,…

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Pub Crawl

In order to make sure you feel right at home in Groningen, it’s important that you know what the city has to offer at night. That’s why you should join…

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Thursday - 15 Aug

SandSational: Open Air Festival

The KEI-week celebrates its 51th anniversary this year! For this reason student and local alike are invited to the Open Air Festival at Kardingerplas. The festival is all about dancing,…

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Eat & Greet

After a whole day chilling at the Lustrumfestival, being hungry wouldn’t be a surprise. You have the opportunity to go to one of many of the student associations for dinner. A…

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Outdoor Cinema

Thursday evening the Vismarkt will be transformed into an Outdoor Cinema. Do you want to chill with your KEI-group, enjoy the fresh air with some drinks and watch a movie…

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Friday - 16 Aug

Love, Lust & Lounge

This activity of the KEI-week revolves around sex, alcohol and drugs. During your student life you will encounter temptations, so you'll have to learn how to deal with this responsibly.…

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Final Party

The Final Party marks the end of the KEI-week with a bang. This year the Final Party will take place at Kardinge. There will be a poolparty, silent disco (, Q-music…

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Are you not yet done with all the partying? Then join us for the Afterparty where you can party until the sun comes up!

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