KEI-programma Thursday

It’s Thursday! Day number 4 of the KEI-week. 


Today we have a filled programme with the following parts. In the afternoon you can sing along during Bragi’s singing workshop. During the KEI-talks today you can listen to important topics like Sex & Gender and Social Entrepreneurship. Afterthaat, you can learn all about how to study effectively during the workshop Effective Studying, given by SSC. In the evening, at 20:00, you can watch the second edition of Late Night KEi where we’ll be discussing student life and much more, with many interesting guests. Later, you can transform yourself completely by participating in the drag queen make-up tutorial by Ganymedes. Check out the full programme below and keep the KEI-app close to ensure you don’t miss anything! 


15:30 Workshop – Singing by Bragi

16:00 KEI talks – Gender and sex + Social entrepreneurship 

16:30 Workshop – Effective Studying by SSC

20:00 Late Night KEI –  The talk show about student life and much more

21:00 Workshop – Drag queen make-up tutorial by Ganymedes


Have a great day!