Eight reasons why you can’t miss out on the KEI-week

There are a lot of advantages participating in the KEI-week offers you. We have listed some of these advantages for you:

1. During the KEI-week you will meet a lot of new people. Of course, the main reason why you’re coming to Groningen is to study. But studying is a lot more fun when you meet fun people, right? During the KEI-week, you will meet people of your KEI-group, but possibly you will also meet others during the various events of the KEI-week.

2. The Welcome, an event on Monday August 14th, at the Academy Building, is an event only for internationals. You learn about the Dutch culture and meet international student organizations.

3. You will get to know the city. Because of the fact that the KEI-events are located throughout the whole city, you will see a lot of different places. The KEI-leaders will show you where everything is located.

4. Interested in becoming member of a student organization? Then you can’t miss out on the KEI-week. Whether it is a student association, a student sports organization, a cultural organization or whatsoever, all the student organizations will present themselves during the KEI-week. Besides that, for most of the organizations it is only possible to sign up during the KEI-week.

5. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going to study at Hanze University or the University of Groningen, you will learn a lot about these universities and their facilities. During KEI to your Future, an event that is held on Tuesday August 15, both universities will be present and will give you a lot of helpful information on studying in Groningen.

6. During the KEI-week, it is also possible to stay at student houses (visit our website for the possibilities). If you sleep there and they have a spare room left, it could be possible for you to arrange a room for the rest of your student life. Besides that, it could be possible as well that you meet other people who offer you a room. So if you’re still looking for a room, you can’t miss out on the KEI-week!

7. Probably the most important reason: it is the best week of the year! The KEI-week is a week full of great parties, new impressions and interesting new information. The KEI-week is known all over the Netherlands because of the great memories that are generated. In short: it is a week you have to experience!

8. Please note the KEI-week is NOT compulsory and has nothing to do with hazing. All events during the KEI-week are completely voluntarily and a lot of fun!

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