Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for the access to KEI-events

Article 1: Appliance

1.1 These conditions are applicable for the access and participation to events and activities which are organized by Stichting KEI which are openly accessible for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders.

1.2 In these terms and conditions Stichting KEI is defined as the members of the Daily Board of Stichting KEI and everybody who’s authorized by the Daily Board to be a collaborator of Stichting KEI.

1.3 In these terms and conditions the KEI-participant is defined as a (first year) student who is registered at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Hanzehogeschool Groningen, the AVAG, HBO Nederland and Stenden Hogeschool Groningen and signed in as a KEI-participant.

1.4 In these terms and conditions the KEI-leader is defined as a volunteer who is appointed by Stichting KEI. The KEI-leader is always a senior student which is appointed by Stichting KEI to guide the KEI-participants during the KEI-week. 

1.5 In these terms and conditions an event is defined as all the events and activities organized by Stichting KEI which are openly accessible for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders.


Article 2. Access

2.1 A refund on e-tickets and all other kind of entry tickets is not possible.

2.2 The entrance to an event is accessible for all KEI-participants and KEI-leaders which show their wristband which is provided by Stichting KEI. The color of the wristband decides what kind of access and restrictions applies to the one wearing the wristband.

2.3 In case an event or activity which is accessible for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders is cancelled, or a situation as in Artikel 2.4 occurs, there will be no (partly) refund of the registration fee of the KEI-week.

2.4 The access to an event of activity can be denied when Stichting KEI decides that the maximum capacity of the event or activity is reached.

2.5 The wristband issued by Stichting KEI stays property of Stichting KEI. The wristband is for personal use only and can’t be given to someone else. A wristband which is broken is no longer valid. In case this happens, the KEI-participant can get a new wristband by showing the broken one at the KEI-office. 

2.6 The KEI-participant and KEI-leader are compulsory to show their wristband at an event or activity on request by the security guards appointed by Stichting KEI.

Article 3. Other obligations

3.1 It is not allowed for KEI-participants and KEI-leader to bring glass, cans, firework, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects, drugs and/or alcoholic beverages to the location where the event or activity takes place.

3.2 It is compulsory for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders to follow and accept the regulations and/or instructions of Stichting KEI, operators of the event or activity, security guards, fire department and other authorized institutions. The KEI-participants and KEI-leaders which don’t follow and accept these regulations and/or instructions, or is being guilty of dangerous activities, intoxication, threatening and/or being violent, can be denied to the event.

3.3 It is mandatory for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders to collaborate in case the security guards consider a security check of the body, bags and/or other things necessary.

3.4 It is mandatory for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders to follow the rules regarding the no-smoking areas on events or activities.  

3.5 It is mandatory for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders to identify him/herself to the request of authorized agencies and persons to let these agencies and persons obey the law in the case of an event. This includes the obligation of Stichting KEI to provide no alcoholic beverages to people under the age of eighteen.

3.6 It is not allowed for KEI-participants and KEI-leaders to do promotional and/or commercial activities, also not with an ideological nature, for other events without permission of Stichting KEI.  

Article 4. Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure in the broadest sense including, but not solely, sickness or cancellation of an artist, cancellation or delay of a supplier, strike, fire and weather, gives Stichting KEI the authorization to change the time of the event or cancel the event.

Article 5. Responsibility and damage

5.1 Stichting KEI is responsible for direct damage from which the KEI-participant or the KEI-leader suffers and which can be directly, and only, related to Stichting KEI as a result of a shortcoming caused by Stichting KEI. In case of compensation only the damage for which Stichting KEI is insured, and which is covered by the insurance company will be compensated.

5.2 The KEI-participant and KEI-leader is responsible for all damage which, also on the occasion of, or in relation with the construction and deconstruction of an event. The KEI-participant and KEI-leader is also responsible for damage caused to other visitors of the event, employees and affairs of Stichting KEI or to by Stichting KEI’s hired personnel, to the location and the belongings of the event and all other cases which are related to the event on the location of the event. KEI-participants and KEI-leaders will safeguard Stichting KEI from all claims of all kind of third parties which in case of damage, held Stichting KEI responsible.

Article 6. Intellectual property

Stichting KEI is in case of an event, authorized to make photo and film recordings for the purpose of promotional activities. By entering the event location the KEI-participant or KEI-leader gives permission for disclosures with above named nature.

Article 7. Final provision

All disputes between Stichting KEI and a KEI-participant and/or a KEI-leader as a result of a KEI-event will only be settled by a competent court in the district Northern Netherlands, with application of the Dutch law. 

Established by the Supervisory Board of Stichting Kommissie Eerstejaars Introductie on 27-03-2014.



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