Event Managers

The Event Managers (EMers) help the KEI Board organise the KEI week from may onwards. During their first month they are mostly preoccupied with helping the director of acquisitions. The first month also contains a lot of social activities in the evenings in order for EMers to get to know each other better, and a weekend away with the KEI executive board to get to know them better. From June EMers work on the KEI-week three afternoons a week. They keep themselves busy with things like organising speakers for events, making program booklets and various logistics for the events. July onwards marks the highpoint of the EMers business, from then until the end of the KEI-week they work fulltime in for the KEI. From this point the EMers get their own office. While the rest of Groningen is sleepy and quiet, they work like bees to put together the best introduction week in the Netherlands. During the kei-week itself, the EMers are respoponsible for several of the events as well as being in charge of the EVENT-crew. The EVENT-crew are volunteers who help set-up, support and dismantle KEI-events.

In short: the EM'ers are the power-houses behind the success of the KEI-week!

The 2017 Event Managers are:

Marten Duit
Leonieke Batenburg
Remmie Palland
Judith Gerringa
Christiaan Koopman
Heleen Laarhoven
Talitha la Macchia


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