Become a KEI-leader, save the date!

Every year during the KEI-week we’ll welcome more than 5000 freshmans to Groningen. Approximately 1000 senior students will guide them through the city, and the good thing is, you can become one! On the 18th of May you can sign up to become a KEI-leader for 2017. At the website ( the sign in procedure will be open between 0.01 and 23.59. If you signed up as a main KEI-leader, your co-KEI-leaders will get a mail with a link where they can subscribe as well. The subscription is only valid when you and your co-KEI-leaders both subscribed. This is only possible on May 18th. When your co-KEI-leaders did not subscribe by the link they receive in their mail, you will not take place in the lottery.  

After you have completed your subscription you receive a confirmation e-mail. This mail will contain more information on the lottery procedure. If you receive this e-mail it means that you participate in the lottery, so you’re still not definitively a KEI-leider. 

The lottery takes place on June 1. On that day, you receive an e-mail which states whether you have become KEI-leider, whether you’re on the spare list or whether you haven’t been picked as KEI-leider. If you’re on the spare list, you still have a chance at becoming KEI-leider if more KEI-lopers than expected sign up. 

You can become a KEI-leider only once per student number. Make sure that only one person of your KEI-leider group subscribes as main KEI-leider so the rest can enroll as co-KEI-leider(s) via the link in the e-mail.

Your odds at becoming a KEI-leider will not increase when enrolling with more than one person as a main KEI-leider, as double enrollments will be deleted from the system before the lottery.

Is there anything unclear, or haven’t you received an e-mail after your subscription? Contact us at or call 050 363 80 90.



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