The KEI-week wouldn’t happen without its incredible army of volunteers. The Executive and Senior Executive Board as well as the Event Managers are long term volunteers putting together the KEI-week. However there are also a huge amount of crew workers who start their work shortly before the start of the KEI-week. Every crew has its own set of jobs and responsibilities. Below is a short description of the work involved with all the different crews.

Do one of these crews sound fun to you? Would you like to join the team making the KEI-week possible? Send an email to for more information.

The BULK-crew is responsible for logistics during the KEI-week. During the KEI-week a large amount of cables, fences, and people barriers etc need to be set up fort he various events. The BULK-crerw uses various modes of transport to move the materials so that they are all-in the right place at the right time. In addition they are responsible for connecting the power lines, to make sure the events have electricity. This team consists of 8 volunteers.

Decorating the KEI-week is very important for getting the a fantastic KEI-atmosphere. This is the DECO-crew’s responsibility. They are responsible for making sure that all banners, decorative and informative are hung up. The DECO-crew consists of 10 volunteers who work throughout the KEI-week. The DECO-crew also helps making decorations with a professional decorating business (PABLO) the four saturdays leading up tot he KEI-week. Finally, the DECO-crew brainstorms together with the Exec about what decorations fit best with the KEI-week theme.

The EVENT-crew is a big team of people who have varying responsibilities. Approximately 130 EVENT-crewers make sure that the KEI-week happens as it should do. As such, the EVENT-crew is an unmissable and priceless addition to the KEI week.

The EVENT-crew is very closley involved with the organisational aspects of the KEI-week. Their tasts include the building of podiums, the backstage organising and escorting of artists, selling of tickets and tokens as wel as general mine of information fort he KEI-lopers. As CREW-member you make sure the KEI-week is as fantastic as it is!

As EVENT-crew:

  • You are closely involved with the organisation of the biggest introduction in the Netherlands
  • Get to know new people
  • A special CREW-day is organised for you, in order for you to get to know each other.
  • You get free food and drink during the KEI-week
  • You have free access to all the KEI-events
  • Have flexible working hours
  • You get KEI-clothes
  • You are invited to the reunion party
  • There is a possibility for you to have acces to other positions withint the KEI-week
  • You will work closely together with a team of EVENT-crewers
  • You can indicate tot he KEI-team who you would like to work together with
  • In some cases you can earn studypoints (HBO)

The tasks of the EVENT-crew:

  • Registering KEI-lopers
  • Answering any question first years have
  • Setting-up and dismantling of events
  • Assisting backstage
  • Selling tickets and tokers
  • Helping make events the best they can be
  • Giving out lunch, bags and gadgets
  • …and much more!

Sign up via this link

The PHOTO-crew makes sure that all the fun that happens during the KEI-week is documented. They make photos of all the events, which are then posted on the website. Would you like to see last year’s photos? Klick here! In order to be part of the PHOTO-crew you need to have both your own camera and an affinity with photography.

The OFFICE-crew makes sure that everything at the KEI-office is in order. This means updating social media, picking up the phone and answering phone calls and questions from KEI-lopers and KEI-leaders. The OFFICE-crew works the whole KEI-week and consists of 10 volunteers.

The PROMO team is active both before and during the KEI-week. Before the KEI-week they help the Exec to promote the KEI-week on open days and handing out flyers to get Crew volunteers and KEI-leaders. During the KEI-week the PROMO-team serve as the question point for KEI-lopers and they hand out flyers and gadgets.

The TAP crew works behinf the bars of the the KEI-week events. They are also responsible for setting up and dismantling the bars.



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