Dare 2B Aware

A few years ago the KEI-foundation started with a social campaign to make students aware of several kinds of temptations that are associated with student live. The name of this campaign is 'Dare 2B Aware'. On this page you can read all about this topic. This year we will focus on five themes:

1. Housing
2. Stadjer & Student (a Stadjer is a citizen of Groningen)
3. Responsible Living
4. Sustainability
5. Sex, Drugs & Alcohol

The student life has many great things to offer. But at the same time, you should be aware of the many temptations you will encounter during this new life style. Living on your own in a new city also means that there will be no one to hold you accountable when you arrive home late. For instance, when you decide to turn the music up loud while forgetting that the neighbours will have to get up early the next morning for a regular day at work.

With the slogan “Dare to be Aware” as theme of the social campaign, we want to draw attention to dealing with matters such as sexuality, drugs, alcohol, and money responsibly. In addition, “Dare to be Aware” also raises awareness for social matters such as sharing a city with the citizens of Groningen.

Do you dare to face these challenges with awareness?
You will see posters and banners with the slogan “Dare to be Aware” at all events. During the KEI-week, each day has one of the five themes of Dare to be Aware. Throughout the day you will receive information about the theme and you can engage in activities that raise awareness for that theme. 

“Dare to be Aware” not only tries to raise awareness for the temptations for which student life is notorious but also encourages students to deal with these thoughtfully. Moreover, “Dare to be Aware’s” aim is to lower the threshold for people to bring up the topic of each other’s behaviour. This way we can work together to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable KEI-week experience.


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