Dare 2B Aware

During the KEI-week there is a social campaign for students to make them aware of the temptations of the student life. This campaign is called ‘Dare 2B Aware and this logo you will see during the KEI-week. Every day of the KEI-week there is another theme:

Monday:           Housing
Tuesday:          Stadjer & Student (citizens of Groningen)
Wednesday:    Out together, Home together
Thursday:        Hearing loss
Friday:              Sex, Drugs & Alcohol

The student life has also a lot of nice things to offer, but there are also a lot of problems and temptations in this new way of life. During the KEI-week every day has a theme. On Monday you will get advice to prevent burglary and fire in your student house. Also there is no one at your home who’s going to say that you’re music is to loud, so think of your neighbors who have to work the next day. On Tuesday the subject is Stadjer & Student, Stadjers are the citizens of Groningen. Also it’s nice to go out with your friends, but it’s more important that you’re all going home together.  During the pub crawl on Wednesday you will be attended to this subject. On Thursday it’s time to stand still of the subject hearing loss, this subject is chosen because music is almost always too loud. On the last day of the KEI-week there will be information about drugs, alcohol and sex temptation.


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