The Executive Board (exec) is a team of 7 people that works full time for a year to organise the KEI-week. The team is active from the 1st of December to the 30th of November. This year is jam-packed and sorely needed in order to organise a 5-day event with 5000 first years and 1000 other students. In the year, you get to know; all the ins and outs of Groningen and its organisations; you work together with an enthusiastic and motivated exec team; you come into contact with lots of large companies; you are closely in contact with the university and the university of applied sciences in Groningen; and best of all, you give 5000 students an unforgettable introduction to their life to their student career!

Every year hosts a new exec team, which means the KEI-week stays dynamic and each exec gets their chance to make the KEI-week their own. Each year has a new theme, a new feel to it, and events which reflex the change in exec. As the exec, this year represents an opportunity to let your creativity, your ambitions and your enthusiasm run wild!

In order to organise a fantastic KEI-week, the exec needs to invent and organise events, get sponsors on board and recruit hundreds of volunteers. As well as this, they need to get as many KEI-lopers (participants) on board as possible, and keep in contact with student associations and other organisations with an interest in students.

2017s Executive Board are:



Daan Brouwers


Ginger van Breukelen


Jordi van Holten

Director of Aquisitions

Marciano Bootsman

Director of Recruitment and Promotion

Brenda Schrik

Director of Events I

Stefan Warink

Director of Events II

Jeanne van Dijk


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