Rules student houses

Houses themselves are responsible for the KEI-lopers (hereafter guests) staying over. Still, Stichting KEI wants to establish a few guidelines for having KEI-lopers (guests) staying over at your student house, to prevent problems.

  • Guests pay a maximum of €25 for staying at your house for the week.
  • €5 can be charged for groceries like breakfast and toilet paper.
  • The guest should be able to be at your home for the whole week(from at the latest Monday the 10th of August 16:00 to Saturday the 15th of August 12:00), unless agreed otherwise.
  • Every guest should be provided easy access to the house the whole week.
  • Guests are known at Stichting KEI, including the address and phone number. The student house arranges this via the form on the website.
  • No further demands and obligations are asked from the guest.
  • The student house makes sure the guests are safe during their stay (e.g. fire safety). 


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