Sustainable Thursday

Sustainability and the Open Air Festival

During the KEI-week, Thursday was the day dedicated to sustainability. In The Green Corner there were a lot of parties who are involved with sustainability in various ways. The main theme on which we focused this year was Food Waste.

Franksville was present with all kinds of pots and trays in which they show how to cut vegetables. They also focused on forgotten vegetables such as chard and pineapple strawberry. They also show how easy you can cut vegetables, in for example a beer crate. For more information check the website:

The municipality was also be present with a lot of information about Fair Trade food. Fair Trade food came, obviously, from fair trade, and a fair pric is paid for it. This price is determined by the product itself, and does not arise out of the conditions on the international market. View for more information.

Additionally, Youth Food Movement Groningen was present. They gave prospective students information on how to cook sustainable, healthy, but still cheap in the context of food waste: if you cook conscious, you will also waste less! They made two pasta sauces: a homemade pasta sauce and pasta sauce from the supermarket. All ingredients of both sauces were showed. The homemade pasta sauce was made with regional and seasonal ingredients, making the sauce cheaper. By using regional ingredients, you also support the local economy. Look at their activities on

At the Open Air Festival, you can also find The Free Cafe also. They will show you how to make delicious dishes using leftovers. This does not only discourages food waste; it saves money too!

Thomas Luttik Hold gave a workshop: ‘Get-wasted: create your own waste drink’ (water-based). The concept is quite simple: you fill a bottle with the products which we would normally throw away, and add water to it. You'll get a unique taste and a bottle with a story. For more information, see the website:

In addition, The Green Office of the University of Groningen is present at the Open Air Fesitval. They showed how they try to make the university more sustainable. For more information about their events, projects and opportunities you can visit their site:

In the Green Corner, there were also two student rowing clubs with their ergometers: Gyas and Aegir. With the ergometers KEI-participants could generate energy and see how long it takes to, for example, toast sandwiches or make a cup of coffee.

And lastly, the UMEF was present. As already described, there is cooperation during and prior to the KEI week with UMEF to make the most out of Sustainable Thursday! UMEF was present with a Solar Bike. This is a tricycle bearing panel, whereby energy is captured for a LED TV on the tricycle. This TV showed information about sustainability. Interested in UMEF? Please check their website:


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