The KEI-leaders are the guides of the KEI-participants. They show the KEI-participants what to do and where to go, so they will have an awesome KEI-week! Of course as a KEI-leader you will have an awesome week as well!

You will form a KEI-group with 2 or 3 other leaders and you will guide around 15 KEI-participants around. All the KEI-leaders can be recognized by their KEI-leader t-shirt. Sometimes a KEI-leader will also be called a KEI-mom (KEI-mama) or KEI-dad (KEI-papa).


The KEI-leader subscription for the KEI-week 2019 will take place on Wednesday the 15th of May between 08:00 a.m. and 11.59 p.m. After this subscription a random selection will take place. This means it does not matter at what time exactly you subscribe, so you can do this whenever you have time between 08:00 a.m. and 11.59 p.m.!

As a KEI-leader you have to confirm your registration. You can do this either on the 22th or the 23th of May; the exact time and location will be announced later on. After your confirmation you will participate in the raffle for KEI-leader 2019. Besides, on the 9th of August the KEI-leader training will take place! This training is obligatory, so keep this in mind when you subscribe. After you have been selected

Tips and Tricks

What exactly is a KEI-leader? What are your responsibilities and tasks. How do you take care of your KEI-participants. We will explain it all on this page!

What are the tasks as a KEI-leader

  • Show them how nice it is to be a student in Groningen
  • Visit all the events, also at daytime!
  • Show them as many organisations and associations as possible (they are in the KEI-app and in the program booklet).
  • Show them around in Groningen
  • Wear your KEI-leader t-shirt
  • You’re a KEI-leader the entire week, not only during the program and the parties!
  • Try to create a close group with the KEI-participants. You can for example join multiple challenges at the events, eat together, and go to the parties. This will enhance the group cohesion!
  • You will have supervision over a group of young students. Therefore it’s important be aware of the responsibilities which go along with this. So you’re responsible for the well-being of the KEI-participants, but you’re not responsible for their actions.

Eating at the KEI-leaders

Monday at 17.00 its finally there: your KEI-group will show up at your house and the food and drinks are ready to be consumed! We have something new this year to encourage sustainability: ‘Meatless Monday’. 

How do you take care of such a meeting? When there are around 15 hungry and thirsty people in front of your house the easiest thing to do is to cook some easy food. No inspiration? We have some tips:

  • It’s not always a good idea to order food; it’s quite busy around that time ;). You can cook together or have the diner ready when they arrive.
  • Offer some non-alcoholic drinks as well!
  • Keep in mind that there can also be vegetarians.
  • Let the KEI-participants know that they also have to pay for the food and drinks they consume. Make rules about who takes care of the money or that it’s everybody on their own. In the Netherlands it’s common that everybody gives for example €10 to a KEI-leader (or someone else), and with this money you will do all the activities like buying drinks at the events or eat together.
  • Let everybody introduce themselves
  • Sit between the KEI-participants so they will feel comfortable
  • Exchange phone numbers and make a Whatsapp group
  • Think about where to meet before the Picknick on Tuesday
  • Buy a gadget for the whole group so you can always recognize them
  • When the weather is sufficient, a barbeque is always a good idea!

What do we expect?

  • Don’t push KEI-participants to drink alcohol
  • In case a KEI-participant drunk too much, take care of him/her going home safely. Let them call/app you when they’re home or bring them home safely.
  • Be aware of that there’s more than only drunkenness. Someone could have put something in someone’s drink!
  • If necessary, go to the first aid which is available at all the KEI-events!


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Frequently asked questions for KEI-lopers

I’m allergic to certain foods, is it still possible to join the food-related events?

Of course we would still like you to join the food events. You can report your allergy to your KEI-leaders and during ‘Eat & Greet’ you can inform the student organizations, they will make sure to arrange something for you! During the KEI-picnic there will be a free packed lunch for your whole KEI-group which includes bread, fruit, juice and varied spreads. For more information about the food during the KEI-week, just email to with the specifics of your allergy. We will make sure to inform you and possibly arrange something for you!

I am arriving in Groningen on Wednesday, can I still participate?

You definitely can! Just buy your ticket online via the website and come get your wristband at the KEI-building.

During the KEI-week the KEI-office (Pelsterstraat 23, near the Vismarkt) is open at the following times:

Monday:             09.00h-19.00h
Tuesday:             09.00h-18.00h
Wednesday:       10.00h-18.00h
Thursday:           10.00h-18.00h
Friday:                10.00h-18.00h

You can go there if you have any questions or if you want to buy a ticket after the Registration Day.

What does ‘KEI’ stand for?

KEI stands for “Kommissie Eerstejaars Introduktie” , which can be translated as “The commission for the introduction of first-year students”. The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all incoming higher education students, both at the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The KEI-week is the oldest, largest and cheapest introduction week in the Netherlands.

When does the KEI-week start?

The KEI-week 2019 takes place from 12th until the 16th of August!

What does the KEI-week cost?

The fee for registration is only €25,-: the cheapest introduction week in The Netherlands! You can also sign-up during the KEI-week, this costs €28,-. When registered, you have access to all events. The KEI organisation will provide coupons that will enable you to buy drinks and meals in bars and restaurants for reduced prices.

Who can sign up for the KEI-week?

The KEI-week is organized for all first year students of the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Obstetric Academy Amsterdam Groningen, Stenden University of Applied Sciences and HBO-NL. Pre-Master and Master students are also more than welcome!