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KEI-week 2020

The KEI-week is the general introduction week for all new first-year students in Groningen. It gives you the perfect opportunity to get to know the city and the opportunities on offer for you in the city, in all the aspects of your life as a student. During your KEI-week it is not mandatory to visit every event, so you can take part in as many or as few of the events as you like!

Dates and costs

The KEI-week 2019 takes place between the 10th and 14th of August. To take part in the KEI-week you have to register, this can happen either online or at the Day Registration on the 10th of August. Signing up online will cost you €25,- and if you choose to do it on the 10th of august €28,-. The ticket gives you access to all the KEI-week events, including open air concerts, parties and workshops, a picnic, and lots of coupons for discounts around the city. When buying a ticket, you also get a KEI-bag with all the information you will need during the KEI-week.


All the participants of the KEI-week, KEI-lopers, are placed in a KEI-group. The groups have 12-15 people and are paired with 2 to 3 KEI-leaders. KEI-leaders are older students who take you to all the KEI-events and show you around the city. You get to know your KEI-group on the first Monday of the KEI-week, when you have dinner together at one of your KEI-leaders house’s. The idea behind the group is that it is an easy way to get to know new students from different study programmes quickly and have people to experience the KEI-week with. You can also choose to be placed in a group with someone you already know. As well as first-year students groups, you can also join an older-years group. This is for students that, for example, already have their bachelor and are starting a new degree programme  in Groningen or are transferring to Groningen for a minor. The third group-option is a mixed group, which contains both international students and Dutch students, this is a good choice for internationals who immediately want to meet Dutch students, or vice versa. In addition you can indicate your interests like sports, culture or partying when you sign up the KEI-week, so you are placed in a group with like-minded individuals.

The start of the KEI-week

The KEI-week kicks off on Monday the 10th of August with the day registration. Here you can either confirm your enrollment or sign up for the KEI-week. You will receive your KEI-wristband and KEI-bag here. This wristband gives you access to the all the KEI-week events and the KEI-bag contains a program booklet, coupons and other relevant information.

Would you like to know more about the KEI-week? Read more about its history below!


The concept of the KEI week is already 52 years old. In 1969 new students to Groningen participated in the KEI-week for the first time, all be it in a totally different form from what it is today. There was a growing demand among students to be introduced to the city, which lead to a group of students to set up an organisation to meet the demand. These students organised an introduction period where first years were introduced to the city and their new lives as students. In 1972 a foundation was officially set up to organise this introduction period, the Foundation Commissions First-year Information (Stichting Kommissie Eerstejaars Informatie). This turned into the Foundation Committee for First year Students Introduction (stichting Kommissie Eerstejaars Introductie) in 1993, which is shortened to the KEI foundation.

In the beginning only first years students of the University of Groningen took part in the introduction week, but from 1971 students from the University of Applied Sciences (Hanze Hogeschool)  were also welcome. Although this participation was initially minimal, it increased rapidly in the 80s as a result of better cooperation between the universities. Finally, students from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences started taking part in the organisation of the KEI week too.



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Frequently asked questions for KEI-lopers

When does the KEI-week start?

The KEI-week 2019 takes place from 12th until the 16th of August!

What does the KEI-week cost?

The fee for registration is only €25,-: the cheapest introduction week in The Netherlands! You can also sign-up during the KEI-week, this costs €28,-. When registered, you have access to all events. The KEI organisation will provide coupons that will enable you to buy drinks and meals in bars and restaurants for reduced prices.

Who can sign up for the KEI-week?

The KEI-week is organized for all first year students of the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Obstetric Academy Amsterdam Groningen, Stenden University of Applied Sciences and HBO-NL. Pre-Master and Master students are also more than welcome!

Can I receive a refund if I have paid but choose not to attend the KEI-week or KEI-hostel/Sleep-in?

It’s not possible to claim a refund for any previously paid for ‘articles’ such as a ticket for the KEI-week or a place to sleep during the KEI-week (KEI-hostel, Sleep in). We advise you to wait with your registration until you are accepted at the university/school. We don’t have a maximum of participants for the KEI-week, so you can always sign up online for the KEI-week until the 9th of August. However, we don’t have an unlimited amount of places to sleep, so we can’t guarantee a place to sleep if you wait too long.

What is the deadline for registration?

Online registration is possible until Friday the 9th of August. During the KEI-week you can also sign up on Monday during the Day Registration. If you are not able to sign up before Monday evening, you can sign up at the KEI-office located at Pelsterstraat 23, during the rest of the week.

Can you join the same KEI-group as a friend?

Yes, it is possible to sign up with a friend for the KEI-week. Mention this in the registration form and you will be placed in the same KEI-group.