Prior to the KEI-week, the TERRAIN-crew assists the professional decoration company “PABLO: Lighting & Decorations”, in assembling and painting the decoration that is used during the KEI-week. There is also the possibility to design the graphic design of certain events during the KEI-week. Would you like to do this? Then sign up in time for the TERRAIN-crew!

During the KEI-week, dressing-up events is important to create the KEI atmosphere. The TERRAIN-crew is responsible for this throughout the week. They ensure that all ‘signing & routing’ (signposts, price lists) and a lot of creative decoration (banners, flags) are hung at all the events. The TERRAIN-crew has means of transport to realize all the furnishings and decoration. The TERRAIN-crew works on this with twelve volunteers during the whole week. For this crew we are looking for hardworking volenteers who want to make the KEI-week events even more beautiful and neat than they already are!

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