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Hi! My name is Inés and I am 22 years old. I am from Bremen, a German city very close to Groningen. Currently I am enrolled in two Master programs – MSc Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) and MSc Economic Development & Globalization (ED&G). I just completed PPE and will finish ED&G in February. Before that, I studied Economics and Business Economics as my Bachelor’s also here in Groningen. 

I moved to Groningen right after I finished school in 2016. This is my fourth year in Groningen


  • Where are you active? 

During this academic year I was mainly involved in two associations: TEIMUN and the UNICEF Student Team Groningen.

TEIMUN is the Model United Nations association in Groningen that organizes two MUN conferences, one in Groningen in February called GrunnMUN and continental Europe’s oldest MUN in The Hague in July called TEIMUN. After two years of participating in the two conferences as Delegate and Chair, this year I functioned as the Secretary General and with that was in charge organizing the academic content of the two conferences.

The UNICEF Student Team Groningen is an association created by UNICEF Netherlands. Every Dutch city has such a student team. There are several committees one can apply for and as a member of such a committee one organizes different student activities and events (e.g. a gala, a concert, game nights, parties, sport events, etc.) in order to raise money. This money is then going towards an UNICEF project that changes every year. I was a committee member for two years before I became part of the Board this year. As the Board we were in charge of organizing and administering the different committees, interview and select the members and take care of daily tasks surrounding the organization of a student association.


  • Why did you become an active student? 

As an international student moving away from home for the first time things can be quite scary and meeting people can be hard because your life is less regulated as it was in school. The people you stick with at the very beginning are usually not the people you end your year with, because it often turns out nothing really connects you apart from your studies. That was the same for me and I realized that really quickly. The friends that I actually shared a lot of interests with I found in the associations that I liked and was part of in the end. It was a good and simple way of meeting many people with different study backgrounds, so it was also great to escape the study bubble I was in. Also, studying all day long can be exhausting and for me it is also just a little boring. I always have been very engaged in school already and I like keeping myself busy. Becoming active in University was therefore natural for me. 


  • What do you get out of it?

The best thing that my engagement brought me is the amount of people that I was allowed to meet and befriend. Most of my closest friends today are not from my studies, but from the contacts I made through being part of student associations. Also, I learned many interpersonal skills that your studies just can’t teach you. Over the four years in Groningen the memories and experiences I gained just through being active are so invaluable to me that I would not trade them for anything.


  • Why should other international students become active? 

I recommend everyone to be active in their student life. Not only are you meeting many new people and gain a lot of friends, but you can also learn so much from others and about yourself in this time. It is also a great way to escape your studies for a little bit and think about other things than studying and exams. Groningen has so many associations to offer that there is absolutely one for everyone and it is more than worth it to take the time and find one that you like!


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