Registration Day

10:00 - 16:00

Registration Day

On Monday the 14th of August the KEI-week will start with the Registration Day. In the Academy Building you need to finalize your sign-up where you will receive the first important things that you will use during the rest of the KEI-week. You can sign-up on Monday until 16.00!

Already signed-up on the website?

To finalize your sign-up for the KEI-week you must print your E-ticket and the information of your KEI-group. (The E-ticket will be sent by email when you sign-up on the KEI-week website. The information about your KEI-group will be sent just before the KEI-week). On the Registration Day, in the Academy Building, you can go to the “E-ticket row”. When your E-ticket is scanned, you will receive a KEI-wristband that gives you access to the events during the KEI-week. If you do not have a wristband you cannot participate in the events.

Not yet signed-up on the website?

For those who did not sign-up via the website, no worries, as you can still do so during the Registration Day. For these participants there are special rows available, “CASH/PIN rows”. At these lines you can register and pay immediately. After signing-up, you will be placed in a KEI-group, you will receive the information about your KEI-group, and of course get your KEI-wristband.


When you are all signed-up and have gotten your wristband, you will also receive a KEI-bag with all the important things you can use during the KEI-week. In the bag you will find your program booklet, a discount booklet, information about organizations that are interesting for students and much more.



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