Supervisory Board

The organizations structure consists of different layers. The supervisory board is the highest board and ultimately responsible for the KEI-week. They make sure that the organization runs smoothly, which supports the Daily Board. The supervisory board has an advising and monitoring role. Each month there is a meeting with the supervisory board where important documents such as policy plans and budgets are discussed. Members of the supervisory board represent various sectors in Groningen, such as student associations, sporting associations, cultural associations, the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

The following persons are currently member of the supervisory board:

Lieke Knip     

Chairman / Internationalisation

Jochem van Dam

Vice-chairman / Social Student Organisations

Shanty Vriesema

Employee RUG

Caspar Kraaijpoel

Employee HG

Steven Fagel

Board of Directors 2015

Merijn Bouwman

Board of Directors 2015

Inger Zeevalkink

General member

Jet Swart

Student Sport Organisations

Jip Miedema

Culture and Religion

Wido Heeman

Student organizations RUG

Marten Dubbelboer

Student organizations HG


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