The Event-crew is the largest crew of the KEI-week and has different tasks, for example: assist artists backstage, sell tokens and answer questions of KEI-participants. As Event-crew, you make possible a fantastic week! When your shift is done, you can enjoy the KEI-events with your fellow Event-crewers. During the KEI-week, you'll be placed in a group with about 15 Event-crewers you will be working with a lot, so you get to know eachother well!

As Event-crew:

  • You are involved with the organisation of the largest introductionweek of the Netherlands!
  • You get to know a lot of new people
  • You can join the crewday prior to the KEI-week
  • You get free food and drinks during the KEI-week
  • You have access to all of the KEI-events
  • You recieve a KEI-shirt
  • You recieve a thank you present after the KEI-wee
  • You can be placed in a group with a friend if you want to


You can sign up for Event-crew via this website


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