Board of Directors

Every year seven students make it their lives to organise the KEI-week. They make a fulltime commitment which starts in December and ends in November of the next year. You can imagine what it would take to set up an event for about 5000 first year students, as well as 1000 senior students!

It is a lot of fun to organize the KEI-week. You will get to know Groningen and all the other student-organizations and many companies. You work together with an ambitious and enthusiastic team. There is close contact with the University and the University of Applied Sciences. Because the daily board changes every year, the organizations stays dynamic and every board gets the chance to make the introduction their week by adding their personal twist. Every year there is a different theme and different content of the events. A year in the board is all about ambition, creativity and enthusiasm.

To organize a fantastic introduction week, the board needs to come up with great events and organize them, look for new sponsors andattract volunteers that want to help. Furthermore, the ambition is each year to attract as many KEI-participants as possible and we have to maintain contact and good working-relations with all the student-organizations in Groningen.

Currently the following students are on the Board of the KEI-week:

Chairman Daan Brouwers
Secretary Ginger van Breukelen
Treasurer Jordi van Holten
Director Acquisition Marciano Bootsman
Director of Marketing & PR Brenda Schrik
Director Events I Stefan Warink
Director Events II Jeanne van Dijk



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