Supervisory Board

The Organization of Stichting KEI consists of different parts. Next to the daily board, there is the supervisory board. The supervisory board is the board which has the final responsibility for what happens during the KEI-week. They control and advice the daily board and write long term plans for Stichting KEI. The supervisory board has to approve the policy stated by the daily board, the budget plan and the annual reports. Once a month the daily board and the supervisory board meet together to talk about the policy and progress made by the daily board. At the supervisory board, multiple sectors of Groningen are represented such as culture, student associations, sport associations, the University of Groningen (RUG), Hanze university of Groningen and ex-members of the daily board.

The following persons are taking place at the supervisory board:

Lieke Knip

Chairman / Internationals

Jochem van Dam

Vice-Charmain / Student associations

Shanty Vriesema

Employee RUG

Tijn Oprins

Employee Hanze

Femke Dijkstra

Daily Board 2016

Heleen van Wijck

Daily Board 2016

Inger Zeevalkink


Jet Swart

Sport associations

Jip Miedema

Culture en Philosophy

Wido Heeman

Student organisations RUG

Bas Oudenhuijsen

Student organisations Hanze



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