KEI Update Wednesday

Get ready for the third KEI-update. Today: Sportplaza! Dare 2B Aware is all about cycling. Don’t you have a bike yet? Come and buy one for a nice price at the Grote Markt at 12pm. Afterwards you jump on your bike and follow the smart cycling route to the ACLO to discover your favorite sport. By the way, don’t forget to take your sportswear with you. There will be busses from the Grote Markt to Sportplaza from 12.30pm. After Sportplaza you can join dinner at many Student Associations during the Eat&Greet. If you want to enjoy the Comedy Night go to the Pathé at the end of the day, tickets for the Comedy Night can be picked up at Sportplaza. After dinner the Pubcrawl will start so you can discover the nightlife of Groningen. Also there is another KEI-challenge today: at Sportplaza there is an attraction of the Rabobank. Set the best time and arrive at the Final Party with your KEI-group in style in a limousine!


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