Huize Henk

Gegevens van Huize Henk

  • Name of house: Huize Henk
  • Adres: Poelestraat 14a
  • Inhabitants: 8
  • Fraternity house: Mixed
  • Number of sleeping places: 0
  • Available: 9 August 2015 until 31 August 2015
  • Room available after the KEI-week?: Yes
  • Can international KEI-lopers stay over?: Yes, I would like that!

Please contact me for the room:

  • Name: Huize Henk
  • Email:
  • Telefoonnummer: 0646505820
  • We are a male student house with a lot of space and luxury situated in the very heart of the city centre, just metres of the central square. We live with 8 men active in the student life. If you would like to come stay with us during the KEI-week you are welcome to contact us!


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