Sleeping accommodations

Are you looking for a place to sleep during the KEI-week? We'll help you arrange it. On our website we provide three options to find temporary accommodation. You can get in contact with student houses who have spare rooms available, you can sign up for the Usva Sleep-in or you can sleep at the KEI-hostel!

Student houses

In Groningen there are a lot of student houses. A number of them have a spare room available during the KEI-week. It might also be possible that they are looking for a new roommate. On our website you can search for a suitable accommodation. This way you will have an address to stay at during the KEI-week and you will immediately come in contact with the student life. The student houses can ask a maximum of €25 for the whole week for housing. The student houses can ask an additional €5 in total for breakfast. 

It is possible to subscribe to sleep in a student house. Click here to sign up.


Usva Sleep-in

The Usva Sleep-in is organised in association with the Usva. This sleeping accommodation is located in the centre of Groningen. It is an ideal location for overnight during the KEI-week if you have not (yet) found permanent housing in Groningen.

If you want to stay at the Sleep-in at the Usva, you will have to bring your own sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. There are fixed times on which you will be able to enter the Usva. The Sleep-in at the Usva costs €49,-. This includes breakfast and is during the whole KEI-week. There are limited places for the Sleep-in, so don't hesitate too long! 

You can drop off your belongings between 12:00 and 16:00 at the Usva Sleep-in, and between 16:00 and 17:00 you can enter the sleeping area. The Usva Sleep-in is open from Tuesday the 16th of August until Saturday the 20th of August, with exception of 13.00 till 21.00. Breakfast is available between 9:30-13:00. On Saturday there is breakfast until 12:00. The sleeping area needs to be empty at 12:00 on Saturday.

The KEI-hostel!

During the KEI-week you can also stay at the KEI-hostel!

The KEI-hostel is located near the centre and is organized in cooperation with the Simplon Youth Hotel. The KEI-hostel is a bit more luxurious than the Sleep-in. You do not have to bring your own sleeping stuff there, there's Wi-Fi and there are more facilities. The costs are € 82 for the entire KEI-week, excluding breakfast. You can buy breakfast separately at the reception for a reduced price each morning. 


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