The KEI-leaders are the mentors of the KEI-participants. They will make sure you get to see as much of Groningen as possible during this week and ensure that you have a fantastic time. This will also give the KEI-leaders the opportunity to relive this magnificent week. Every group will have either two or three KEI-leaders. KEI-leaders are often referred to as KEI-dad (KEI-papa) or KEI-mum (KEI-mama) by the KEI- participants in their group.


The subscription for the KEI-week 2018 is not open yet. 

The procedure:

One person signs up as main KEI-leider. The other KEI-leiders sign up the same day as co-KEI-leider(s) by clicking the link in their mail.

You sign up as KEI-leider on May 20 between 0.01h and 23.59h. You follow the steps on the subscription page on the website: After you finished your subscription, your co-KEI-leider(s) receive an e-mail with a link. They can use this link to subscribe themselves. THE SUBSCRIPTION IS ONLY COMPLETED AFTER BOTH YOU AND YOUR CO-KEI-LEIDERS HAVE SIGNED UP. THIS IS ONLY POSSIBLE ON MAY 20. IF YOU HAVEN’T COMPLETED YOUR SUBSCRIPTION ON THAT DAY YOU CAN’T BECOME KEI-LEIDER.

After you have completed your subscription you receive a confirmation e-mail. This mail will contain more information on the lottery procedure. If you receive this e-mail it means that you participate in the lottery, so you ‘re still not definitively a KEI-leider.

The lottery takes place on May 31. On that day, you receive an e-mail which states whether you have become KEI-leider, whether you’re on the spare list or whether you haven’t been picked as KEI-leider. If you’re on the spare list, you still have a chance at becoming KEI-leider if more KEI-lopers than expected sign up.

Is there anything unclear, or haven’t you received an e-mail after your subscription? Contact us at or call 050 363 80 90.


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