Food waste

Tips to reduce food waste

In addition to reducing food waste, these tips are also good for your wallet!

• Download the app Disposable Test from ‘Milieucentraal’. This app displays how much food you throw away in 14 days.

• Make a grocery list! With this you do not buy more than you need. Pay attention to the expiration date!

• Before you go shopping, check whether you have something left in the refrigerator or pantry that you could use in your dish.

• Put structure in your pantry or refrigerator. Because of this you do not forget that you still have leftovers or products at home.

• Leftovers: you can store leftovers generally 2 days in the refrigerator. Store them in a sealable container at 4 degrees. Label the container when you put it away.

• Be creative with leftovers! Go to, which are lots of recipes you can make with leftovers. 


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