Sustainability during the KEI-week

During the KEI-week of 2015 the following things have been done to ameliorate the sustainable character of this introduction week:

  • Use is made of durable materials, such as paper bearing the FSC-certification for all print work.
  • On Thursday, the entire day was dedicated to sustainability. During the Open Air Festival there was a Green Corner, where a lot sustainable initiatives were present to show what sustainability is and can be.
  • The use of bicycles was promoted throughout the whole KEI-week by, among other things, providing good bicycle parking facilities. In addition, on Wednesday, the municipality sold (cheap) bicycles to KEI-participants. This makes it very easy to get a new bike in a new city, and visit all events by bicycle.
  • In every KEI-bag the KEI-participants could find an ‘Eetmaatje’: a transparent measuring cup you can use to measure how much couscous, rice or pasta you need for a meal for one to four persons. 
  • The toilets in the KEI-week are water conserving. Furthermore, environmentally friendly cleaning products are being used on them.
  • The beer supplier of the KEI-week, Grolsch, is one of the most environmentally friendly breweries in the world.
  • During the KEI-week, an attempt is made to minimize the energy consumption of events by, among others, the use of LED-lighting.
  • During the KEI-week environmentally friendly vehicles are used. The Treasurer, who has to drive a lot during this week, makes use of a hybrid car.
  • Sustainable house rules are communicated during all our events.
  • In cooperation with the UMEF, a quick scan has been performed to discover how the KEI-week can be more sustainable.
  •  All 865 KEI-leaders wear a T-shirt during the KEI-week. P &P imprints these T-shirts and this company is well known for having a high priority stand on sustainability:
  • During the KEI week we provide free biodegradable ponchos when it starts to rain.
  • ‘No-No Stickers’ are added to all KEI-bags.
  • The WIG-bags, which contain information from our member associations, were fully sustainable in 2015.
  • Prior to the KEI week, 3 magazines are sent to all prospective students of the University of Groningen or the Groningen universities of applied sciences. In these magazines sustainable student recipes (cooking with leftovers) can be found and a lot of information on sustainability is provided.
  • During the KEI-picnic on Tuesday as many biological products as possible were included in the picnic-basket. This was done in cooperation with Albert Heijn.
  • The food offered at the Open Air Festival was predominantly biological and therefore responsible.


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