Sustainability: you can’t avoid it any longer. It seems to be everywhere; at parties and festivals, in shops, on the television, and so on. Countless initiatives are mushrooming, all with one goal: to make the world we live in a better place. And let’s face it, this is badly needed. If you take a closer look at for example the figures of food waste, being alarmed is the only right response.

The KEI-week as an organization, has been committed to sustainability for many years and sees it as their task to propagate a ‘sustainable message’ among participants of the KEI-week. This means that we not only invest in a sustainable way of doing business, we also contribute to transferring knowledge and providing advice to all the KEI-participants. For this, the KEI-week organization has received the UMEF brand of inspection. In 2014, we even won the ‘Most Effective Sustainable Introduction Stunt’-award (DIS). In 2015 the KEI-week won the public award of the DIS. 


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