This is one of the most important buzzwords to emerge over the last decades, but what does it actually mean? Living sustainably relates to the environment, our ecology, thinking about the future and our own lifestyles.

The KEI-week is aiming to organise it’s most sustainable KEI-week ever. As an example, our podiums work entirely from solar cells on the roof, windmills and bikes. In the preparation of the KEI week we try to print as little paper as possible at our office.

A couple more examples:

  • Promoting cycling as the most sustainable mode of transport
  • The beer on offer during the KEI-week is Grolsch, one of the most sustainably brewed beers on earth
  • The cars used by the treasurers and executive board during the KEI-week will be hybrid
  • All t-shirts for KEI-crew and KEI-lopers are printed by p&p. This company is famed for its sustainability
  • The picnic packets for the Open Air Festical contain as many organic products as possible

However, we can’t do this alone! So there will be various events, such as ‘sustainable Thursday’ and a green corner at the open air festival. Here there will be workshops on sustainability for students, to show you that living sustainably is a lot easier than you’d think.


  • UMEF certification for sustainable events
  • Green Key


  • Publc price for most sustainable introduction stunt 2015
  • Most effective sustainable introduction stunt 2014



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