The KEI-leaders are the guides of the KEI-participants. They show the KEI-participants what to do and where to go, so they will have an awesome KEI-week! Of course as a KEI-leader you will have an awesome week as well!

You will form a KEI-group with 2 or 3 other leaders and you will guide around 15 KEI-participants around. All the KEI-leaders can be recognized by their KEI-leader t-shirt. Sometimes a KEI-leader will also be called a KEI-mom (KEI-mama) or KEI-dad (KEI-papa).


The KEI-leader subscription for the KEI-week 2017 is closed. 

Tips and Tricks

What exactly is a KEI-leader? What are your responsibilities and tasks. How do you take care of your KEI-participants. We will explain it all on this page!

What are the tasks as a KEI-leader

  • Show them how nice it is to be a student in Groningen
  • Visit all the events, also at daytime!
  • Show them as many organisations and associations as possible (they are in the KEI-app and in the program booklet).
  • Show them around in Groningen
  • Wear your KEI-leader t-shirt
  • You’re a KEI-leader the entire week, not only during the program and the parties!
  • Try to create a close group with the KEI-participants. You can for example join multiple challenges at the events, eat together, and go to the parties. This will enhance the group cohesion!
  • You will have supervision over a group of young students. Therefore it’s important be aware of the responsibilities which go along with this. So you’re responsible for the well-being of the KEI-participants, but you’re not responsible for their actions.

Eating at the KEI-leaders

Monday at 17.00 its finally there: your KEI-group will show up at your house and the food and drinks are ready to be consumed! How do you take care of such a meeting? When there are around 15 hungry and thirsty people in front of your house the easiest thing to do is to cook some easy food. No inspiration? We have some tips:

  • It’s not always a good idea to order food; it’s quite busy around that time ;). You can cook together or have the diner ready when they arrive.
  • Offer some non-alcoholic drinks as well!
  • Keep in mind that there can also be vegetarians.
  • Let the KEI-participants know that they also have to pay for the food and drinks they consume. Make rules about who takes care of the money or that it’s everybody on their own. In the Netherlands it’s common that everybody gives for example €10 to a KEI-leader (or someone else), and with this money you will do all the activities like buying drinks at the events or eat together.
  • Let everybody introduce themselves
  • Sit between the KEI-participants so they will feel comfortable
  • Exchange phone numbers and make a Whatsapp group
  • Think about where to meet before the Picknick on Tuesday
  • Buy a gadget for the whole group so you can always recognize them
  • When the weather is sufficient, a barbeque is always a good idea!

What do we expect?

  • Don’t push KEI-participants to drink alcohol
  • In case a KEI-participant drunk too much, take care of him/her going home safely. Let them call/app you when they’re home or bring them home safely.
  • Be aware of that there’s more than only drunkenness. Someone could have put something in someone’s drink!
  • If necessary, go to the first aid which is available at all the KEI-events!


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