Throughout the KEI-week there is a daily challenge. These challenges are designed to bring your KEI-group closer together. Last year the challenges ranged from designing your own pizza to setting up an obstacle course. It’s definitely worth your while to come and have a look at the KEI-challenges. With prizes like free pizza on offer, who wouldn’t give them a go!?

Here’s a look at this year’s challenges:


Belsimpel - Guess and win! Information market
Do you guess the right amount of phones? If you do, you will win a brand new Huawei phone! A good way to start the KEI-week!


Dare 2B Aware Out Together, Home Together - Photobooth challenge
Take your best Out Together, Home Together picture during the Pub Crawl at the Grote Markt. Post it on social media through the Photobooth and you will have a shot at a day out together.


Domino's - Fastest making pizza challenge during the Open Air Festival
Do you produce the best pizza in town at a fast pace? Then this challenge was made for you. Come to the Open Air Festival, make your own pizza and win some amazing prices.


Balloon challenge - Red Cross during the Movie at the Vismarkt
In honour of their 150th anniversary of the Red Cross, the Studentdesk Groningen will organize a balloon challenge. If your balloon reaches the furthest, you will win a Red Cross bicycle!



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