What can the KEI foundation mean for you?

What can the KEI foundation do for you?

From Monday the 13th of August until Friday the 17th of August, the 50th edition of the KEI-week will be celebrated. During this introduction week, which is the largest in the Netherlands, approximately 5300 new students of the University Groningen and the University of Applied Sciences Groningen are introduced to everything Groningen has to offer.

The KEI-week:

  • A unique way to reach an enormous group of students
  • Besides new students, other interested people will participate in the KEI-week
  • Every year, approximately 5000 new students, and 1000 volunteers participate
  • Subjects like sports, culture, recreation, education and student fraternities receive a lot of attention
  • Participants are people who, from the moment the KEI-week begins, have to take care of their own business regarding i.e. insurance, housing and banking

There are many ways to connect your brand name to the KEI-week. If you are interested in our sponsorship brochure, please contact our Acquisition Director (e-mail: The KEI foundation is always glad to welcome new original ways of sponsorship, and we would like to think about ways to include your business.


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